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I mean, normally I use alcohol and a q-tip to clean mice, but we don't have any of those. So I improvised.

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Oh, bloody hell. Ok, I'll be a good girl and put something on this thing, since I'm here and can't do any work. True to form, I lost my keys at the mall somewhere yesterday and can't get at my stuff that I stashed in my mailbox here at the office. The desk guy doesn't have the spares and nobody will be in to work until Tuesday. *sigh* I'm going back to my site this afternoon. Maybe I should care that ALL of my work from the last few months is on those disks and in those folders in that mailbox, but I'm just not really interested today. I guess I'll have to come back to the capital soon though. And I do rather hope Doña Matilde has her spares handy. Eek. 'Cause I locked up the house but good before I left.
So, I got a cell phone yesterday, after spending a month with only spotty email for communication. Very happy that. If you want the number, email me at the address at right. Or just reply to this post. Not that anyone ever comes through here of course. Especially since I haven't posted for five months.
For the record, I'm in a little town called Monte Plata. It's not much to look at, with less to do, but the people are great. I'm really enjoying it. I've got a little bitty yellow house with concrete walls, a zinc roof, and no kitchen.

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well, umm, so blogger last time wouldn't let me post at all. And now it looks insanely different. So let's see what this means.

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Okie-dokie...the severely condensed version of the last four weeks. Santo Domingo is hot, dusty, and NOISY. And incredibly friendly for the most part. My family here rocks. The dona (matriarch/mom) is Buddhist in a Catholic country, and my sisters are 25 and 19. The 25 y.o. has a 3 y.o. boy who is wild but sweet. The 19 y.o. (Ingrid) is who's around the most. She really likes bizarre Dominican game shows, so I seem to be learning some rather odd Spanish at home. Every trip using public transit is an adventure, as everyone has the right of way here except pedestrians and animals. A few highways have lines, but you wouldn't know it from inside a voladora. ("flyer"-a privately-owned bus that stops wherever people want to get on or off. The name comes from the speed at which they drive.) At any given time, a motorcycle may come flying down the road from between two other vehicles, in the wrong direction, or along the sidewalk. I'll never need a rollercoaster again--they're altogether too safe, too tame. This first part of training, in Santo Domingo, is nearly over. Monday, the Special Ed. group leaves for Dajabon, which is near the northern end of the Haitian border. Should be interesting...I hear it's hotter though. And no, I haven't been to a beach yet. I've barely seen the ocean. Kind of odd, on an island, but that's how busy and poor we are. We're making about $2 a day for incidentals, based on the current exchange rate. Not exactly a party budget.
So, that's the summary. More eventually. :)

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Warning to the silence that is this blog's audience: internet access is being disconnected NOW. All further posts will be catch-as-catch-can or facilitated by Mark.

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One week to go and my room doesn't look a bit different. A stranger might assume the chaos is due to moving, but I know better. *sigh* It will be done. Somehow. Had my last Sidhe performance last night. :( I'm going to miss an awful lot of people here. BUT, I'm still excited and things actually are still on track. A friend, Dr. West, has offered to take over here while I'm away, posting my letters and such. I'm sure he can do it far more brilliantly than I can, anyway. So when you all find out just how bad I am at correspondence, try looking here.

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I now have dental clearance. Good. Because it still hurts like hell.

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