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Wow. A day off. And only because my employers are at the beach...I just love living by other peoples' schedules, really I do. Like when I'm forced to take an unpaid holiday like July 4, and lose hours no matter when I need a vacation. *sigh*. At least it's raining. I'm housesitting and if it rains I don't have to figure out how not to kill the plants. I can pawn all the responsibility off on Nature instead. :P
Poor Julie. She's got one of my PC reference forms, but she keeps consulting with our other friends to make sure she's doing it right. She's probably doing just fine, but it's sweet of her to try so hard. She's still got a day or two; I've only gotten one back so far.
Josh needs to update his blog, even if he is being studious right now. Josh, do well on your academic whatever-it-is, then let us know what's up. :)

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Is it bad that my first reaction to this headline was "YES!!!"?

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Today was Quebec National Day and the "Great Ripening of Berries" full moon according to the calendar. No wonder weird things happened. Not the Quebec part...although.... :) I'd put in a link for Quebec, but I can't read any of them...BAD Peace Corps applicant! Bad!

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So...get this...I drove all the way to Raleigh just to call DC from an empty office. Not that it was anyone's fault...the recruiter guy got a call this morning and had to leave for a family emergency. By that time, I was unreachable since he didn't have my cell # and Julie was at work. So we did a phone interview, which went fine, and if my references check out, Heather in DC will nominate me for a program. It looks like I could leave as early as January 7th, though there are other programs of interest leaving in February and May. After she does the nomination, I have to get medical and dental exams and be cleared medically, which could get tricky, but probably won't be too bad. If all goes well, after that I'll get an invitation to a particular program in a particular country, and I'll know a hell of a lot more about what's going to happen when at that point.
Raleigh wasn't a total waste; I got to see Stacy again--it's been quite awhile. I also ran into someone I'm not entirely sure I should have run into, but we didn't injure each other, so maybe it's okay. It's my own fault, I suppose; I knew he might be there, but curiosity got the better of me. Besides, the store was literally across the hall. God, I am such a weenie.
Oh, and Hazel was fine...she changed her mind, AGAIN, at about Morganton eastbound, and decided she was getting plenty of attention, thank you very much, and what did I mean she was an ingrate?? Couldn't I tell she was nothing of the sort? (Actually, now I just think she's a hypochondriac...sorry Hazel.) So thanks, all, it was a good trip.

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Never discuss personal hygiene with a bridge troll. Never trade casserole recipes with a black forest witch. But above all, when talking to the deputy mayor--NEVER MENTION THE DWARVES!

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Ya-Ya was...cute. Not that I expected anything else. Mom & I had fun though. I barely remember the book anyway, so I can't complain that it was "hollywoodized" or anything of that sort. Well, Raleigh tomorrow, and Hazel (my car) has decided yet again that she's just not getting enough attention, even though I actually CLEANED HER OUT and CHANGED THE OIL a few days ago. These are major events, y'all. Especially the cleaning bit. But, no, that wasn't enough. Now she wants her engine checked out. Ingrate. So everyone be praying/sending happy-car thoughts for me tomorrow so I at least get to the interview without having to call AAA.
Ooh...for my comic-reading friends: my fave local guru pointed out
Fables #1 and #2 to me the other day. They're great! It's a new Vertigo title by Bill Willingham. Check it out if you can. I mean, really. Prince Charming is a gigolo and the Wolf is the Fuzz. It's fun.
Guess that's all for today. Goodnight, Gracie.

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Much better...the people who need to, know it's me, and those who don't need to know can't look me up in a phone book without doing at least a little research. Yay.

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test II.

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another test...don't mind me.

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Ok, I think I just figured out how to get my email up there on the right. The address is dragonlight@hotmail.com if it doesn't work.

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Oh...and another thing...Coraline comes out in 9 days! Yay!

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According to the Peace Calendar, nothing happened today. But yesterday was Katherine Dunham's birthday. Nifty. In other news, I'm going to see the Ya-Ya sisterhood movie tonight with my Mom. It'll be fun, even if the film sucks. Also, those of you who know d (and those who don't) should go see her perform tonight at Scandals at midnight. Apparently she's got a whole new show for everyone. I can't make it...I have to leave too early tomorrow morning and actually be awake for my interview. And another public service announcement: DON'T stick your card in Wachovia's downtown Asheville atm this weekend if you want it back before Monday. It ate mine Friday night and now I have to get it back Monday morning before I can leave. Wankers.

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It felt so nice
To sell your soul
Just think of that
I'm halfway there
I want it back

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