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I believe this shall be a musical post today. I went to see Ginny Wilder and bj bowen last night at Hairspray. Faboo, of course. Ginny will be at Bele Chere and she's got a new album release scheduled for August. Tomorrow afternoon at 2, Sidhe will be playing Sweet Heaven for the kiddies and assorted others. Yay! Also in the news, my brother Matt agreed to trade off the family guitar again in May, and I've actually learned a few more chords and can now torture Julie with truly horrifying renditions of "Leaving on a Jet Plane," "Blowing in the Wind," and "Father and Son." Even I refuse to play "Kum Ba Yah," but it was funny to see her expression when I threatened to. My fingers, of course, hurt like hell, and I can't play a bar chord to save my life, but I'm having fun.

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"Oh, there you are. Where on earth were you?"
"I was kidnapped by aliens," said Coraline. "They came down from outer space with ray guns, but I fooled them by wearing a wig and laughing in a foreign accent, and I escaped."
"Yes, dear. Now, I think you could do with some more hair clips, don't you?"

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Sigh. I just spent $67.86 for a mechanic to hook my engine up to a computer, decide that they don't know why the little engine light keeps coming on, and tell me to call them on Monday if it shows up again or if Hazel does anything weird. Great. So much for groceries this month.
My Peace Corps recruiter called Monday...I think we've decided to try for a nomination to a Special Ed program in the Caribbean (probably the Dominican Republic). That particular program leaves February 17, 2003. My next preference would be for a Health Extension project dealing with HIV education, which would more than likely put me somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. Wouldn't that be odd. I'm still waiting on that one reference. When I called Monday she said she was "still working on it"...never mind that it should have been done June 24th. Grrrr again. And of course now it's a holiday, which means mail service is goofy this week, even if she does get it done, like, now.
Jeez, I'm cranky today. I think I'd better go out and enjoy the weather, which is indeed lovely.

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Coraline tomorrow! (Testing the new window command Matt suggested. Matt works here.)

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Now I understand why my brother was confused. The link to the article about how a federal circuit judge ruled "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional changed to a link about how the same judge turned around and stayed his own decision. They must have used the same url for both articles. For the record, I agree with his original decision, not the stay. I could edit the post, but it's kind of interesting this way. I didn't expect them to reuse urls. In other news, only one more day of catsitting. They're sweet (mostly), and not too much trouble, but changing an immense litterbox used by five cats is thoroughly disgusting. I do like the access to other peoples' CD and book collections, though.
One of my PC references is now a week late in getting to me...and I did warn her about the deadlines before she agreed to do it because I knew she's probably one of the busiest people on the face of the earth. Grrr. I'll call again today if it doesn't show up at mailtime.

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