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commentary from a bi feminist space cadet

I am so proud. We now have a proper website! Nothing fancy, and it's still got some problems, but at least there's contact information, a performance calendar, and a news page. Very happy that, and not too bad for someone who really hasn't a clue, eh? Yay.

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For Mom:

I'm a Tiger!

Somewhat of a loner, you prefer to remain hidden

in the background, quietly observing others. Still, this doesn't mean

you aren't a force to be reckoned with - heaven help

anyone who rubs you the wrong way!

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I'm going to keep writing posts in the hopes "that at some point during this show [Blogger] will work." If you get that reference, all hail you. Wanted to tell y'all that we get to play Black Mountain's Sourwood festival next month. 7:30pm on Saturday August 10th. Be there.

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Blogger appears to be having some publishing problems, so I have no idea when this stuff will actually be up...my apologies. Anyway...
PC update: My rogue reference finally turned up...the volunteer who was asked to mail it didn't. Rather inconsiderate, but his/her supervisor was supposed to be handing it to me instead anyway. Kinda screwed up all the way around. But, my recruiter is here in Asheville this week doing some interviews, so I was able at long last to give her all the materials she needs at this point. (For the curious, this includes two sets of fingerprints, an FBI background check form, three references, and my two college transcripts. If only I were actually that interesting.) She was nice and we talked a little more about what program she should nominate me to--Community Development/Caribbean--and she's going to fax me another form to detail my experience with MR/DD/etc. youth early next week when she gets back to DC. So, that's another step done. I'm still technically an Applicant until the nomination goes through. Peace Corps has this series of titles for people from the time they apply to when they return from service. And everything's capitalized, even things like Service and Training and such. Here's the list:
As you can see, I'm still at the beginning. Hopefully, even though I realize they're not pretty, my transcripts will be good enough, and my references will be good. We shall see.
To anyone bored by the Peace Corps stuff on this site, sorry, but I started it largely because I wanted a start-to-finish record of what joining and working in the Peace Corps is like. There are a number of logs on the net, but none (that I found) are very thorough, and none record these very early stages. I wanted to read about others' experiences, and I think there is some value to potential applicants in a readily accessible online log. So there. :)

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what's your inner flower?

[c] s u g a r d
e w

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I am Rumpelstiltskin!

Find your fairy tale character
at kelly.moranweb.com.

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Happy birthday to me...and d....and lots of other people yesterday. :) My friends are so cool...we had a hair-dying party yesterday afternoon and they surprised me with a cake with pretty strawberries on top and then we all went to meet d at the New French Bar and apparently I've given up on breaking things into proper sentences today. Julie gave me Harry Potter legos...the set with Fluffy and a nifty Devil's Snare trap to drop people in. Heeheehee. And Mom and Dad gave me tickets to the Indigo Girls at Biltmore. Very exciting, that. I sure as hell couldn't afford it, and I'm still kind of ticked at them for booking such an expensive show when usually they say they try to keep their ticket prices reasonable. Oh, well. I'm still excited. Hope it doesn't rain.

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