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commentary from a bi feminist space cadet

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posted by dragonlight 11:15 AM
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Yeep. Okay, I have a little bit of Peace Corps news, not bad, but still not terribly pleasing. Apparently I have to have ALL of my wisdom teeth removed. And I don't even have dental insurance yet. And I rather like my teeth just the way they are. *Sigh* I especially do not like the big long novocaine needles coming at my face bit. Urrgh. (Please, gods, let me pass out first!) On another note, though, it seems I now have placement clearance, which I think means they've decided I've got the skills and such necessary, but doesn't yet mean I'm medically cleared. Or something like that. Their explanation on the website implies that medical clearance comes first, but it hasn't, so I have no idea what the status actually is.
Leonard (my current whatever) says if he were 20 years younger he'd get me to stay. Not "try," but succeed. I told him I've been in the application process longer than I've known him, so he might as well get over it. What is it about men that they think they're more important to us than anything else? Grrrr.

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